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North American Open 2016

The 22nd North American Open tournament was held Saturday, May 28 in Tonawanda, New York by Master Gorino's Pil-Sung Tae Kwon-Do.

The following Zang TKD students should be recognized for their achievements:

  • Takeru Sukawa - Gold in Patterns, Bronze in Sparring
  • Osamu Sukawa - Gold in Patterns, Gold in Sparring
  • Zach Huang - Gold in Forms, Gold in Weapons
  • Grant Brauer - Gold in Flag Sparring
  • Monika Duchi - Silver in Forms
  • Drew Duchi - Gold in Sparring
  • Lukas Duchi - Silver in Sparring
  • Emma Ventresca - Silver in Forms
  • Addi Pavely - Bronze in Sparring
  • Mason Pavely - Bronze in Sparring
  • Aidan Janowiak - Silver in Weapons, Bronze in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns
  • Eli Janowiak - Silver in Patterns
  • Tyson Germany - Gold in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns
  • Luc Vega - Runner up in Sparring
  • Sam Vega - Runner up in Sparring
  • Samy Brennan - Bronze in Sparring
  • Xavier Reese - Silver in Patterns, Silver in Weapons
  • Sadie Reese - Silver in Weapons, Bronze in Sparring
  • Laura Reese - Bronze in Weapons
  • Master Matthew Reese - Gold in Masters Patterns, Gold in Masters Sparring, Silver in Masters Weapons, and he won Musical Patterns
  • Master Matthew Marshall - defended and won Grand Champion (3rd Year in a row!)

​As you can see, we did great! It's great to win, but, regardless of whether you win or don't win, competing helps you grow in your martial arts (and life) skills, both physically and mentally. We are proud that you ALL represented Zang TKD so well! Thank you!